Pigma fine

Pigma fine MP range represent emulsion for water based ink and paint application pigmafine MPS and initiative product line developed to be used in point of sale tinting systems automatic manual volumetric and gravimatric paint and ink industries

Pigma fine MP dispersion created especially for water based paint and system.  These are concentrated pigment dispersion ready to use pourable without blinders solvent and alkyl phenol ethoxylates free no (VOC and APEO free) based on wetting and dispersing and additives approach for consumption in EU America and Japan

Sigma fine MP is used to color polymeric resigns paste water paints in such as:

  • Decorative transpiring washable water paint both for internal and external use.
  • Acrylic and styrene-acrylic paint.
  • Quartz acrylic and vinyl paints.
  • Water based paints.

Water based inks.Pigma fine MU range represent universal dispersion suitable both for water base and solvent base system product in develop to be used in point of sale tinting systems (automatically manual volume matric for gravimatric) suitable for all the tinting machine world wide

This range is created especially for water and solvent based decorative paint and system it is a concentrated ready to use pigment dispersion pourable without blinders solvent and alkyl-phenol ethoxylates free (no VOC and APEO free) based on a patented system of high molecular weight wetting and dispersing additives

Pigma MU is suitable for coloring product such as:

  • Polymeric resins based water emulsions
  • Decorative transpiring ¬†washable water paint both for external and internal uses
  • Acrylic siloxanic water paints
  • Quartz acrylic water paints
  • Solvents based enamels
  • Alkyd glycerophtalic etc. Enamels
  • Rapid drying enamels